Changzhou Ligong Weighing&Packing Equipment Co.,Ltd.Is a professional committed to long-term electronic packaging weighers, electronic filling scale, weighing management system, DCS distributed control system, automatic weighing packaging production line of product research and development, production, sales and service of manufacturing enterprise. The company points headquarters and manufacturing factory of two parts, the headquarters responsible for the design of products, sales and service, the factory is responsible for the production of products, assembly and test. The company employs approximately Fifty people, with higher education up employees of more than 50% of the total. The company is committed to the development of their fields powerful technology advantage, rich engineering experience and perfect service skills, good in batch production each product capability.

Changzhou Ligong Weighing&Packing Equipment Co.,Ltd. According to the national standard strictly to organize development and production, in the enterprise internal to establish and implement and maintain the ISO9001:2000 quality management system, the production of good product performance, index, and have the alpine high cost performance, Several times in support of national key construction projects in the market established a good brand image.

Changzhou Ligong Weighing&Packing Equipment Co.,Ltd. Relying on talent advantage, pay attention to the development of new products and non-standard product design, in view of the customer specific needs, provide targeted design products, fully meeting the needs of the client.

Changzhou Ligong Weighing&Packing Equipment Co.,Ltd .Will always take the good faith as the cornerstone, taking the quality as the guarantee, the technology as the forerunner to work closely with customers both at home and abroad, mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit, create brilliant!

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配套及相关设备(立袋输送机、倒袋输送机、重量复检秤、拣选机) 重量复检秤 种子、大米仲博娱乐入口双秤 种子、大米类仲博娱乐入口单秤 毛重式皮带给料仲博娱乐入口秤 大袋仲博娱乐入口秤配套产品1-托盘仓 甲醇、合成氨造气用煤斗称重集散控制系统 DCS -300-JY液体灌装秤 吨仲博娱乐入口、大袋仲博娱乐入口秤 毛重式、螺旋给料仲博娱乐入口秤 毛重式、自由落料仲博娱乐入口秤 净重式、螺旋给料仲博娱乐入口秤 净重式、自由落料仲博娱乐入口秤
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